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Só Luxury - Essential Ultrasonic Ceramic Diffuser

Só Luxury - Essential Ultrasonic Ceramic Diffuser

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Our diamond-cut ceramic diffusers release up to 8 hours of aromatic heaven. The stylish design blends seamlessly into any home or office decor.

  • 3 hours continuous / 8 hours intermittent (30 seconds on / 30 seconds off)
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Optional LED light
  • 120 ml reservoir
  • Measuring cup and power supply included
How to Use

Twist and lift to remove ceramic cover & plastic cap. Add water to reservoir, do not exceed maximum fill level. Add desired amount of your favourite Só Essential Oil, 10 - 20 drops. Replace cap and ceramic cover. Connect power supply. Push mist button (right) once for continual run, twice for intermittent release. Press the light button (left) to turn on or off LED light.


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