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Hart Strings Collective

Hart Strings Spring/Summer Newborn Bundle

Hart Strings Spring/Summer Newborn Bundle

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Are you or someone you know expecting this spring/summer. This newborn bundle is perfect for you or your loved one.  Included in the bundle is a hand crochet toque with or without a pom.

Só Luxury's Lather Gentle Cleansing Bar is made with olive oil, cocoa butter and coconut milk.  Lather will gently cleanse baby's sensitive skin on those days you need a little more than our Coconut & Oat Milk Bath (think dirty little piggy feet or a blowout).

Please note that our Lather Gentle Cleansing Bar does not contain any chemical ingredients to make it tear-free like traditional baby soaps. As such, care should be made to ensure soap does not get into baby's eyes.

A hand Crochet Wash Cloth and Soother clip.

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